Textile export market of Vietnam is growing and expanding

The fact that after Vietnam joined the World Trade Organization (WTO), Vietnam textile and garment industry has many opportunities to access technology, information and services as well as better management practices and equality of tariffs between member countries. With its own advantages, such as political stability, productivity, low labor costs, to meet the diversity of the types of garments …, Textiles Vietnam is increasingly insisted on reputation world market and ranks among the top countries exporting high.


According to the latest study of the Organization for the Promotion of exports from developing countries to the EU (CBI) under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands, the growth rate of textile exports in the period from 2005 to 2011 of Vietnam reached the world’s highest with 32%, while China reached 15%, India 10%, the country Turkey, Malaysia and Thailand reached 7%.


In 2012, despite the global garment industry face many difficulties, Vietnam’s garment exports continue to keep growth above 8%. Textile exports from Vietnam to the major markets remained stable growth despite the overall textile imports to these markets grew slowly or even decline. Specifically, imports of textiles to the US market fell by 0.5% in 2012 but imports from Vietnam have increased by 9.2%; textile imports to Japan increased by 8%, but imports from Vietnam increased 19.3%; even in the Korean market to imported textiles on the market decreased by 7%, the imports from Vietnam have increased by 9%. This shows that Vietnam’s garment growing prestige in the traditional market.


Particularly in the May 4, 2013, textile exports of the country reached $ 5.1 billion, growth of 20.3%. Notably, exports of Vietnam’s garment strong growth in new markets, not the traditional market of Vietnam. Specifically, exports of clothing to the ASEAN markets rose 44.4% over the same period last year. Cambodia is the largest in the imports of textiles Vietnam in ASEAN, with a turnover increase of 103% over the same period of 2012. In addition, the textile exports of Vietnam in several other markets strong growth as increased 134.6% to Norway, to New Zealand increased by 120%, to Australia increased by 37% … So, do not rely on the large existing market, Vietnam’s garment continue expanding partnership into new markets and potential. Up to now, Vietnam’s garment products were present in over 180 countries and territories.


To obtain this result, besides the advantages of political stability, labor costs are still lower than in competing countries like China, Indonesia, India, Vietnam is the partner that can meet the species diversity of garments and implementation of social responsibility to employees guaranteed. This is one of the attractive elements importers because they can be found or ordered so many kinds of products. Moreover, Vietnam enterprises are to comply with the international standards set out clients as labor, manufacturing environment, social responsibility … The non-governmental organizations and large customers of textile Vietnam are rated Vietnam as an example of the textile industry healthy, coupled with labor law clear and fair wages. Program director of the Better Work project in Vietnam under the International Labour Organization (ILO) said: “Vietnam is determined to compete long term in addition to providing low cost labor services is increasing strengthen and improve the legal system. In the past decade, the working conditions in factories has improved and employees are respected. These companies are always willing to retain workers and workers’ jobs are also benefits such as professional training, housing and free meals. ”


According to information from enterprises of Vietnam Textile and Garment Group, the situation of orders from the rest of the year is quite optimistic, many businesses have stable orders every quarter III / 2013, with the customer unit signed end of year production contract. Furthermore, the FTA Vietnam – EU and is negotiating TPP, the opportunity to increase market share in the export market for textiles is the world’s largest open very wide for Vietnam textile and garment industry.


However, textile and apparel industry has always interested in improving labor productivity, accelerate design business gradually shifted manner ODM to create added value, and more emphasis on local content sources raw material, this is an effective solution to accelerate growth and sustainable development of the textile industry. Currently, Vietnam Textile and Garment Group (Vinatex) is conducting to promote investment in developing areas cotton material, produced from acacia fiber, flax to develop supporting industries producing raw materials service for textiles, in addition to the construction of industrial parks specializing in dyeing industry to focus on technology development and facilitate the handling of the waste system.news2

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